Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use JMC if we want a graveside service?
What cemeteries does JMC service?
Can a family expect a saving when planning a funeral with JMC?
What about the quality of your service?
Do you arrange for a Rabbi or other religious services if we need one?
What happens if my loved one dies outside of New York?
What if we want to plan things in advance?
Does JMC help with the design and placement of a monument?
What information should I bring when making funeral arrangements?
What if the burial is to take place outside of New York State?
Does the funeral service need to be held within 24 hours after someone passes away?
I am not Jewish. What should I expect at the funeral? Is there a viewing? Do you accept flowers? What is appropriate to send to the funeral home or shiva house?
I need additional death certificates. Can you order those for me?
What Social Security benefits may I be entitled to?
I served in the military. Are there Veteran's benefits that I may be entitled to? How do I plan for military honors at the funeral and graveside?

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